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Android: Moving Charts to a New Device


A lot of folks are getting new phones these days and need some help moving their charts from the old device to the new one. Years ago when Android added the option to save data in external memory JyotishTools and Tropical Skies began saving charts there rather than internally. Over time Google chose to change the way memory works. Many devices have “emulated external memory” and that is where charts a currently stored.

Windows 10 Here


If you read my previous post I commented on Windows 10 and how some of the Jyotish Tools users found the program works OK. Yesterday I got a new Windows machine to replace a 5 year old desktop. The new machine has Windows 10 so I downloaded and installed Jyotish Tools with no problem. I just did the standard install and no compatibility settings and it ran fine. The program though is over 12 years old and was built on an very old version of Visual Studio.

Oh Dear! Windows 10 is Here!


People like shiny new things and some of us can’t resist having the latest thing. Windows 10 has been launched by Microsoft. Does it work with Jyotish Tools for Windows? Well so far one user reports it didn’t launch but another reports it did but was asking for the key each time. By the second report we can see it does run on Windows 10 and the solution there is to get a fresh download which will resolve the key prompt.



There have been some recent updates to JyotishTools Android apps. The Atlas now allows All Continents to be selected. This will automatically search all continents and countries for a location. For instance if you enter Paris you will get a list of locations with Paris as it’s name or part of it’s name regardless of country. This add a little more to the search time but with most devices imperceivable. Also available on Tropical Skies.

Don't We Love Time Zones?


It’s that time again in the US when clocks in most states will have to “spring forward” or add an hour for Daylight Saving Time. It effects all states except Arizona, who voted not to observe it and Hawaii which is too near the equator for it to make any sense. The latter is true of most countries in the tropics. Makes life easier. Time zones are the bane of astrologers existence.