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JyotishTools Pro 1.08 (Windows 1.1.16)


Version 1.08 of JyotishTools Pro has been released. The Windows 10 version is 1.1.16. This is due to the way that Microsoft numbers things different from Google. Also there may be minor updates on Android and collectively later on Windows due to the delay created by the Microsoft Store “vetting” the app which can take up to three days. This version includes a Muhurta tool and Graphical Ephemeris. Though the Windows version of the Muhurta tool allows for changing the location for some reason there was a bug in allowing this feature on the Android version so it is omitted on Android until I have time to find why it isn’t working.

Using the atlas in JyotishTools Pro


This information is also applicable for JyotishTools Android, JyotishToolsAE (Amazon) and Tropical Skies Android. Several years ago I began including an atlas derived from the data at the Geonames website. Geonames is an open source website with a very comprehensive atlas with also includes a listing for the time zone which can by accessed on Android devices and via library on JyotishTools Pro Windows. The time zone database is mostly historical especially for locations after a period in time where time zones became standardized for DST changes.

JyotishTools Pro for Windows 10


JyotishTools for Windows 10 is now available. It works on desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets with Windows 10. It comes with a 7 day free trial so you can try before buying. If you have the original JyotishTools for Windows you can import the horoscopes from it one at a time or all horoscopes in a folder. You can also do this with Junior Jyotish horoscopes. If you have a QuickJyotish chart file you can also import horoscopes from those.

Cataloging Horoscopes by Ascendant with JyotishTools Pro


I’ve just added some new tools for JyotishTools Pro including the ability to catalog all the horoscopes by ascendant. If you click on each ascendant listed then you get a list like this and clicking on the name will launch the horoscope. Both lists can be saved as text to the external JyotishTools folder for future reference. These features are very handy for research. Also added in this recent version is the ability to save the chart Info as text as well as a catalog of all notes in the database.

Announcing JyotishTools Pro


JyotishTools Pro is a new app for users who want to do more than just look at horoscopes on the run. More users are abandoning their desktops and notebooks and doing more work on phones and tablets. JyotishTools Pro fits the bill for this. Among the features added in JyotishTools Pro: Four chart styles include a wheel chart with aspects indicators. Vimshottari dashas continue to list beyond 120 years when scrolled (useful for mundane astrology).